A Sunday School Testimony

On the beach in Avalon my friend and I went to walk down to the jetty. The water was very rough and when it crashed up against the rocks it would splash up over our heads. As my friend and I were walking on the jetty, we were taking pictures and having a lot of fun. We were looking to see if any of the pictures turned out when a big wave crashed and got us soaking wet. We started laughing until we noticed that some girl had gotten blown off of the other end of the jetty. She was OK, but she had lost her prescription glasses. She was from another country and English was not her first language. After about 20 minutes of searching for her glasses, we started thinking these glasses were gone. At this moment I asked God for a “miracle” to find these glasses. This girl was crying and needed these glasses. All of a sudden I grabbed the glasses out of the water and ran over to her. I could feel God’s Love and was thankful for this healing experience.

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